A Tribute to Paul Dutton, March 2014. Readings and performances of Dutton works or works inspired by them. (Poetry. Music)

Uppsala Performance, 2014 (Musicoliterary sound and text: 4 clips)
Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (Poetry. Music)

Calgary Spoken Word Festival, 2011 (Reading performance) (Poetry)

Words Aloud 6, 2009 (Reading performance) (Poetry)

eVOCative Festival, 2008 (Reading performance) (Poetry)
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eVOCative Festival, 2008 (Lecture & performance)
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“Imp’s Rove #79” Medellin International Poetry Festival, 1999 (Music. Poetry)

“Imp’s Rove #104” L’Archiduc, Brussels, March 2012  (Music)

“Expert Advice” Logos Foundation, Ghent, March 2012  (Poem)

“Antilyric KGB” Logos Foundation, Ghent, March 2012 (Music)

Duet with Maja Jantar, Logos Foundation, March 2012  (Music)

Duet with Patrice Soletti, Paris, 2014  (Music)

CCMC concert excerpt  (l-r: Kamevaar, Dutton, Oswald), Toronto, 2014 (Music)

CCMC concert excerpt (l-r: Snow, Kamevaar, Dutton, Oswald), Toronto, 2013 (Music)


Mouth Pieces (CD) and selected other audio (Poetry. Music)

The Four Horsemen (Rafael Barreto-Rivera, Paul Dutton, bpNichol, Steve McCaffery): Live in the WestTwo Nights, and excerpts from Canadada (LP, Audiocassette, LP) (Poetry)
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The Four Horsemen: Live in the WestTwo Nights, and Canadada (LP, Audiocassette, LP) (Poetry)

Paul Dutton & Keir Neuringer: “Systole” (Music)

Paul Dutton & Joe Sorbara: “Mawcussion” (Music)

CCMC concert (Dutton, Michael Snow, John Oswald, John Kamevaar), plus guests, Toronto, 2015 (Music)

Reading-performance at The Bookshop in Tamworth, July 2016, Part One and Part Two (Poetry)


The Plastic Typewriter (Visual Poetry e-book)

So’nets (Poems)

“Dooley Did,” “Should’ve,” and “Visionary Portraits, One” (Poems)
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Seven visual poems at Unlikely Stories (Online Poetry Magazine)

“Dreaming” (Poem)
NOTE: Scroll down for English original of Spanish translation.

“Door” (Poem)

“Widgets Über Alles: Bizspeak and the Arts” (Essay)
on The journal of Wild Culture and Little red Umbrella

“bpNichol, Drawing the Poetic Line” (Essay)

“Viewed from His Workroom Floor: A Personal Perspective on Bob Cobbing (1920 – 2002)” (Essay)

“Underwhich Editions and the Radical Tradition” (Essay)

“Getting It Right and Getting It Wrong with bpNichol” (Essay)

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“Inking Outside the Fox: Type Writing Itself: Mitsumi Elec. Co. Ltd. by Eric Schmaltz & The Plastic Typewriter by Paul Dutton” by Gary Barwin


“A Sound Bursts Out of Me: An Interview with Paul Dutton” by W. Mark Sutherland

Into the Field: Introductory text, with a link to the audio

“Towards the Ineffable: A Conversation with Paul Dutton” by Jay Somerset


The New Concrete: Visual Poetry in the 21st Century, Edited by Victoria Bean and Chris McCabe, Essay by Kenneth Goldsmith, London: Hayward Publishing
An Anthology of Concrete Poetry, ed. Emmett Williams, New York: Primary Information Press, 2013 (a reissue of the 1967 edition).
The Last Vispo Anthology: Visual Poetry 1998-2008, Edited by Crag Hill and Nico Vassilakis, Seattle: Fantagraphics Books, 2012. View entire contents in the online PDF.
• A rich online resource for visual poetry is at UbuWeb.
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Available from select libraries:
Concrete Poetry: A World View, ed. Mary Ellen Solt, Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1970
Pattern Poetry: Guide to an Unknown Literature, by Dick Higgins. Albany, N.Y.: State University of New York Press, 1987. A comprehensive commentated survey of pattern poems (visuals) from ancient Greece to the present day, it is also available in part here or purchasable as a Google eBook


UbuWeb contains a vast archive of sound art, including sound poetry
”A Taxonomy of Sound Poetry” by Dick Higgins.

Available from select libraries:
• Book and CD, Homo Sonorus: An International Anthology of Sound Poetry, ed. Dmitry Bulatov, Kaliningrad: National Center for Contemporary Art, 2001. May be found in select libraries and can be sampled online, with an introductory text and links to two audio pages, “Homo Sonorus #1” and “Homo Sonorus #2.”
• CD Carnivocal: An Anthology of Canadian Sound Poetry, eds. Douglas Barbour and Stephen Scobie, Red Deer: Red Deer Press, 1999. May be available from select libraries.

• Sound Poetry: A Catalogue, eds. Steve McCaffery and bpNichol, Toronto: Underwhich Editions, 1978, offers a selective overview of the field at that time.