Linear Poetry

AurealitiesAurealities (1991) — click to order

The poetry in Aurealities abounds in rhythmic invention and resonant sonority, ranging through short imagist lyrics, performance poems, found poems, visual poems, and prose poems.

Visionary PortraitsVisionary Portraits (1998) — click to order

Partial AdditivesPartial Additives (1994) — visual treatments by Bob Cobbing — click to order

SpokesheardsSpokesheards — with Sandra Braman (1983) — click to order

Two Recent Poems


Right about the time you were almost wrong about the place you were nearly in at just the moment you needed to be sure things hadn’t gone beyond the point where nothing could be done to determine what was needed for getting up to speed on the way to do the job you had to report on the time you so mistook the space you had to almost find a moment to right the wrong you hadn’t needed to commit to making sure you had arrived at the point of no return or refund on a charge of speeding up to meet your deadline with room to spare some change for the beggar who only needed five bucks more to score the drug he had to have right when you were almost wrong about the place you were nearly in the next time you had to stop to remember the last time you were completely wrong about how to have some other time be the best time you ever had to find a way to deal with what was more than you could handle on short notice or in the long term that only showed how late it had gotten to be for getting right what had all along been got wrong about time and where you wanted to be.




  • Insects are taking over—
  • ants on the peonies,
  • milllipedes in the basement and bathroom,
  • weevils on the plum tree,
  • flying ants in the sunroom,
  • spider mites on the spider plants,
  • some alien species infesting my dreams:
  • a colony at the foot of my bed,
  • bodies like strung beads,
  • busy feeding on or breeding from
  • dark brown pellets;
  • an overgrown specimen taking off up the wall
  • eludes a swat, while numerous smaller ones
  • swell rapidly in size and number,
  • outpacing the appetite of a fishlike, purse-shaped,
  • silvery alien predator
  • working away at the proliferating swarm.


  • Outside, borers invade the squash to exude their frass,
  • yellow jackets hover around our food and drink,
  • mosquitoes suck blood at dusk,
  • while back inside,
  • moths feast on blankets, sweaters, jackets, ties.


  • And downstairs, a giant spider
  • slips in above the basement ceiling boards
  • to pursue its noisy industry
  • out of sight and beyond destruction.


  • They’re winning, clearly,
  • having taken control of the garden, the yard, the basement,
  • my mind.
  • Implacable, expressionless,
  • they nod and gnaw,
  • nod and gnaw.