Literature: Overview

3.Dutton reading, 2012(Credit-Elizabeth Daly)
Photo: Elizabeth Daly

First and foremost, revelling in language in its manifold, multisensory variety, in play and in earnest, in every possible poetic mode: lyric, narrative, serial, formal or free, stanzaic or run-on, sound, visual, found, recited, performed, coherent, chaotic, representational, abstract. Always exploring, learning from language, following where it leads the poem, the fiction, the mind — yielding to language, cooperating with it, not simply subjugating it to personal purpose. The thematic obsessions are time and the workings of the mind, the urgings of the spirit, the depths of the soul, the heights of experience (physical, emotional, ideational). The aim is to inspire a creative response from the reader, listener, perceiver, to offer openings for engagement with the work in terms of whatever form and content it presents.


Rotterdam International Poetry Festival / WordFest, Calgary / Festival Polyphonix, Paris / Poetry on the Road, Bremen, Germany / Festival Internacional de Poesía en Medellín, Colombia / Words Aloud Festival, Durham, Ontario / Literatur Werkstaat International Poesiefestival, Berlin / World Poetry Festival, Venezuela / Poetry Gabriola Festival, Gabriola Island, BC / BookFest Windsor